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Amethyst Hunter
Amethyst Hunter travels the silver sheen obsidian sky by a sliver of moonlight, making away with an amethyst necklace. Deeply shadowboxed in a purplish brown frame with silver accents, triple matted, that measures 8x10 on the inside edge, Three amethyst accents, too!
Avid Reader
This original is titled Avid Reader, and the reason for that should be obvious. A golden dragon sits contentedly on a pile of comfy cushions, with plenty of reading material to last the age. The book in hand is titled simply "Epic," whether it's science fiction or fantasy is up to you. ????
Avid Reader is acrylic on turkey feather with garnet accents. It's triple matted and framed in a scroll patterned distressed finished frame that measures 8x12 inches on the inside edge. This piece won Best of Show at a recent convention art show (MileHiCon) and yet managed to sneak back home somehow.
Chasing Amethyst
Chasing Amethyst - I would like to say that this dragon is chasing an amethyst tone pearl of wisdom, but it isn't. It's just chasing after amethyst. Maybe some day it will graduate to higher callings, but that day is not today.

Acrylic on turkey feather with an amethyst accent. In an aged gold toned frame that measures 8x10 inches ont he inside edge.
Fire Seekers
Fire Seekers is inspired by the stone it's painted on. This very large slab of mahogany obsidian is in a shade sometimes called "pumpkin" obsidian. Since obsidian comes from volcanoes, I thought about the types of heat loving dragons that would inhabit active volcanic fields. These two have glowing gems or embers made of dichroic glass, because even volcano dragons love treasure. They love it so much, they live where stones that become treasure are sometimes born.

Fancy matted and presented in a wooden frame that measures 14x18 inches on the inside edge.
Golden Dragon Flies
Golden Dragon Flies make off with citrine and yellow sapphire treasures. It's pretty clear who has the best one, and I'm pretty sure that some bargaining is about to occur!

Acrylic on peacock wing feather in a wooden frame that measures 5x13 inches on the inside edge, with brass corners on the sides.
Peridot Chaser
Peridot Chaser is chasing a peridot pearl of wisdom, and why not - peridot is formed deep in the magmatic earth and has experienced many extremes before humans (or dragons!) ever find it.

Acrylic on turkey feather with a peridot accent, in a narrow golden frame measuring 5x7 inches on the inside edge.
Peridot Dragon
Peridot Dragon prefers treasures that, no surporse, are the same shade of green as it is. Painted in acrylic on turkey feather and accented with a round peridot. Triple matted and framed to 8x10 inches on the inside edge of the narrow fancy black frame.
Peridot Dragon Fly

Peridot Dragon Fly is a member of a species of peridot dragon flies, but each is unique in configuration and detail. Inspired by the stone it's painted on and, of course, peridots. 

Maybe it's me who loves peridts, and I make my dragons and dragon flies as an excuse. In a green lacquered wooden frame that measures 5x7 inches on the inside edge.

Smoky Quartz Dragons
Smoky Quartz Dragons is inspired by the Brazillian agate slice that they're painted on, which fades from dark at the edges to light in the center. The sinuous bronze dragons are chasing a faceted smoky quartz Pearl of Wisdom. I triple matted and framed this piece is a narrow smoky bronze toned wooden molding which measures 8x10 inches on the inside edge. I pictured the dragons as swirling like smoke. I really have a thing for smoky quartz, and it's probably apparent because I have definitely been using it more frequently lately. There's also a natural cavity in the agate lined with tiny crystals. I thought about using that to represent the Pearl of Wisdom, but nope..... smoky quartz. The dragons needed an additional treasure to chase after. The crystal cavity can symbolize other mysteries that are yet to be sought after.
Starshine is acrylic on stone, sodalite to be specific. Sodalite sometimes fluoresces orange under ultraviolet light, but I have never tried it on this piece, so I don't know if it does. Regardless, three pale dragons are using the dark blue stone as a night sky, and each carries a gem. The large dragon is carrying blue topaz, the two smaller ones each have a tanzanite. I triple matted and framed it in a simple yet strong black molding to carry the dark night theme and make the dragons appear to be more luminous. The frame measures 8x10 inches on the inside edge.
The Garnet Collector
The Garnet Collector is inspired by the dragon-shaped piece of rhodonite it's painted on. Proudly showing off its garnet necklace, it prefers garnet above all other treasures. Triple matted and in an antiqued gold tone wooden frame that measures 5x7 inches on the inner edge.
The Reading Roost
The Reading Roost - Many libraries, I would even hazard to say MOST libraries, don't allow dragons to get a library card. The risk of checked out books remaining in treasure piles way beyond the due date is just too high. This special library deep in the forest has come up with a solution- create perfect spots for small dragons to read in. There is no need to check out the books, the dragons can just gather to read any evening they like. But if they do want to check out a volume, there is a librarian and there is a box for collecting the inevitable fines. Or donations. All donations go to acquiring more books for the Dark Woods Library Association's collection and to keeping the lamps lit.

The original acrylic on panel painting is triple matted and framed to 14x18 inches on the inside edge of the wooden frame. In keeping with its forest theme, it's presented in weathered wood with a faint vegetation scroll design etched into the finish. The design reminds me of what the dragons themselves would carve.
Treasure Seekers
Treasure Seekers in gold and bronze brave a mahogany obsidian sky to make off with smoky quartz and citrine accents.

Triple matted and framed in a gold patterned frame that measures 11x14 inches on the inside edge.
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