The Reading Roost

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The Reading Roost- Many libraries, I would even hazard to say MOST libraries, don't allow dragons to get a library card. The risk of checked out books remaining in treasure piles way beyond the due date is just too high. This special library deep in the forest has come up with a solution- create perfect spots for small dragons to read in. There is no need to check out the books, the dragons can just gather to read any evening they like. But if they do want to check out a volume, there is a librarian and there is a box for collecting the inevitable fines. Or donations. All donations go to acquiring more books for the Dark Woods Library Association's collection and to keeping the lamps lit.

The original acrylic on panel painting is triple matted and framed to 14x18 inches on the inside edge of the wooden frame. In keeping with its forest theme, it's presented in weathered wood with a faint vegetation scroll design etched into the finish. The design reminds me of what the dragons themselves would carve.