Tapestry Unicorn

Tapestry Unicorn: The piece of poppy jasper it is painted on has natural flower shaped patterns. The patterns and colors reminded me of the backgrounds on some of the medieval unicorn tapestries, especially the set depicting the senses which is found at the Cluny Museum in Paris. I painted a rampant unicorn in my own manner, but with a shield and strap inspired by the unicorns in the tapestries. I have a large replica of one of the tapestries- "A Mon Seul Desir" - hanging in my living room, so the flowered unicorn tapestries are never far from my mind or inspiration. The unicorn tapestries were originally designed for the grand houses of the noble and posh, and so I chose a suitably over the top grand golden frame for this piece. The stone is accented with two garnets. The inside edge of the frame is 5x7 inches.