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Festival Dance


I like poppy jasper a lot. It has lots of little "flowers" that look like poppies in its patterns. Every piece is different, so when I paint on it, I try to paint around the best flowery bits, incorporating them into the piece. Sometimes I highlight the stone poppies to make them look more like real poppies in the painting. But this time, I used the poppies as a flower brocade for a dancer's skirt and pattern on her scarf.

I don't see this dancer as a professional, I think she is just enthusiastic. It's a festival, she's all dressed up and she loves to dance. It might be a festival about flowers, maybe it's for a season, maybe it's time for the rutabaga harvest, I'm really not sure. What I do know is that this dancer is having a good time. Festival Dance measures 8x10 inches on the inside edge of the frame. The dancer has two garnet accents and a small ruby on her tiara.