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Autumn Gold

Autumn Gold is acrylic on heritage breed turkey feathers. First, a word about the specific feathers used in this piece. 

A couple of years ago, I had a booth at the local little Renaissance faire in the city park here in town. A little troupe of very small kids had collected all the feathers they could from their family's turkeys for quite some time, hoping to sell them at the faire. They carried their basket to all the booths with no takers until they got to mine. I bought all the feathers at a fair price. The parents of the enterprising kids hadn't expected them to make much, and so they had told them that they could spend the money on whatever they wanted. Even though the proceeds were more than expected, the parents kept the promise. With fists full of money, the kids went on a spending spree that included wooden swords and shields, foam boffers so they could smack each other safely and other items including kids costume pieces. I got to watch them running around and playing with what they bought for the rest of the faire. These are some of the last of those feathers, I may have a few more but not many. Now back to the subject of the piece.

Autumn Gold features a golden dragon in front of a pointy castle. I see him more as a guardian than a marauder, but regardless, he's being distracted by swirling autumn leaves. They're gold like treasure, but he knows not to put them in his treasure hoard because they just crunch to pieces and make a mess. He can still admire them, though. He does have another golden treasure - a citrine - that he's carrying around. It might be magic or he might be taking it home.The inside edge of the suitably golden frame for this piece measures 8x10 inches.