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Dragon Rider
Dragon Rider: in my fantasy realm, dragons and their riders usually have a pretty good working relationship. They patrol, usually around castles. The dragon is carrying a tiny yellow sapphire, which I think might be his wages. Since overpowering or taming a dragon for riding purposes is pretty unlikely, you have to use coercion.. you might use magic, but then again you might just give it a shiny for its collection now and then. If the dragon likes you, you probably get freebie rides too but I wouldn't push my luck by asking more than now and then.

Dragon Rider is acrylic on heritage breed turkey feather with yellow sapphire accent. The inside edge of the frame measures 5x7 inches.
Queen of Spades
This piece is the companion to Queen of Heartso. This is Queen of Spades. I originally envisioned her as looking a bit more sinister, but she didn't want to be that way. She's a friendly Queen of Spades, unless you're playing Hearts or Old Maid. Since I only had two of the playing card and dice themed frames, these two playing card queens are the only ones I'm painting for now.

Queen of Spades is presented in a frame with an inside edge of 5x7 inches, is acrylic on turkey feather and has two sapphire accents. 
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