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Blue Topaz Dragon
Blue Topaz Dragon is acrylic onnaturally molted domestic pet macaw feather. It loves blue topaz so much that even the distressed finish wood frame is the color of blue topaz. And of course the gem it carries is a blue topaz. 

This piece can't be shipped internationally due to what it's painted on, but rest assured, CoCo the macaw donated it willingly. The frame measures 5x7 inches on the inside edge. Triple matted.
Fairies Wear Boots
There's a meme going around on social media featuring a really manky moth that looks a little like a flying tarantula. Perhaps you've seen it. I saw it and started thinking about the kind of fairy that would have wings like that moth. As I started to paint him on a turkey feather, I started thinking of the old Black Sabbath song Fairies Wear Boots, and so that is the title of this piece.

He's the sort of fairy that trips you over your own feet or who leaves Legos on the floor in the dark for you to step on. He's the sort of fairy that will give you a scare and then laugh about it. Is he a real danger? Probably not, he's mostly out to amuse himself albeit at your expense. The maximum amount of mayhem that can be achieved with a minimum of effort is more his style. He lives among the leaf litter and eats toadstools for lunch. He'll accept a dish of beer left out for him, but don't expect any favors in return.

This piece is acrylic on heritage breed turkey feather with a garnet and a marcasite accent. The inside of the weathered wood frame measures 5x7...it was weathered wood or nothin', because he's not going to put on any fine pretenses for you, he is what he is. Invite this bad fairy into your home for $145 including shipping
Queen of Spades
This piece is the companion to Queen of Heartso. This is Queen of Spades. I originally envisioned her as looking a bit more sinister, but she didn't want to be that way. She's a friendly Queen of Spades, unless you're playing Hearts or Old Maid. Since I only had two of the playing card and dice themed frames, these two playing card queens are the only ones I'm painting for now.

Queen of Spades is presented in a frame with an inside edge of 5x7 inches, is acrylic on turkey feather and has two sapphire accents. 
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