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Blue Tigereye Dragon Flies
Blue Tigereye Dragon Fliesis inspired by the piece of blue tigereye on which it's painted. I liked the interplay of blue and brown and gold in the stone, and so I carried the colors through in the squabbling treasure grabbing dragon-flies. The finished piece is triple matted and presented in a heavy golden distressed finish frame which measures 8x10 inches on the inside edge. The accent gems are smoky quartz and tanzanite, carrying out the blue and brown theme using colors borrowed from the blue tigereye.
Bronze Sky
Bronze Sky was painted earlier in 2023, but I chose a new frame for it that I think matches better, since the first one made it seem too dark. Two sinewy dragons compete for a citrine pearl of wisdom against a gold sheen obsidian sky. I posed the dragons to leave the most iridescent part of teh stone visible, and you can see the sheen under bright light. Presented in a wooden frame measuring 8x10 inches on the inside edge. Triple matted.
Fire Seekers
Fire Seekers is inspired by the stone it's painted on. This very large slab of mahogany obsidian is in a shade sometimes called "pumpkin" obsidian. Since obsidian comes from volcanoes, I thought about the types of heat loving dragons that would inhabit active volcanic fields. These two have glowing gems or embers made of dichroic glass, because even volcano dragons love treasure. They love it so much, they live where stones that become treasure are sometimes born.

Fancy matted and presented in a wooden frame that measures 14x18 inches on the inside edge.
Royal Unicorn
Royal Unicorn is a small piece painted in acrylic on dark blue stone, which I've identified as dumortierite. The unicorn that I painted is quite proud of its golden finery, after all, it matches its golden horn. There are two iolites and a blue topaz set on the golden chain. The finished piece is triple matted to match the blue tones in the stone and is shadowbox framed in a golden frame that measures 5x7 inches on the inside edge.
Shadow Lion
Shadow Lion- a dcade ago, I painted this black lion on rhodonite. Then I took away the frame I had it in to use on something else, and it sat on my desk for a full decade. Finally it was time for Shadow Lion to emerge, boldly, into a vibrant maroon purple frame that I embellished with metal corners.

This piece has way more of a boho vibe thanmost of what I do. That doesn't mean that I don't love shabby chic and electric colors. the accent stones are amethyst and garnet. The inside edge of the frame measures 5x7 inches.
The Garnet Collector
The Garnet Collector is inspired by the dragon-shaped piece of rhodonite it's painted on. Proudly showing off its garnet necklace, it prefers garnet above all other treasures. Triple matted and in an antiqued gold tone wooden frame that measures 5x7 inches on the inner edge.
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