Original Art - Stone

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Fire Seekers
Fire Seekers is inspired by the stone it's painted on. This very large slab of mahogany obsidian is in a shade sometimes called "pumpkin" obsidian. Since obsidian comes from volcanoes, I thought about the types of heat loving dragons that would inhabit active volcanic fields. These two have glowing gems or embers made of dichroic glass, because even volcano dragons love treasure. They love it so much, they live where stones that become treasure are sometimes born.

Fancy matted and presented in a wooden frame that measures 14x18 inches on the inside edge.
Spring Faery
This is a Spring Faery in Renaissance inspired attire, surrounded by a little flock of sparrows. She's painted on stone with a peridot accent. The inside edge of the frame is 9x11 inches, but the Renaissance style frame is substantial, measuring almost 16" x 18" on the outside. She has a little glint in her eyes that suggests that she's more of a troublemaker than you might think, in spite of all the roses and sparrows.
White Dragon Portrait
White Dragon Portrait might hang on the wall like one of those portraits of a parent, or grandparent, or maybe the bank president! He's small, but mighty, in white shaded in blue with a Moonstone dangling, clutched in his teeth!

Painted in acrylic on agate, triple matted and in a frame with a 5"x7" opening.
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