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Autumn Procession
It's Autumn, and it's time for celebrating. If you like pumpkin spice, it's a Pumpkin Spice Parade, and if you don't, it's an Anti-Pumpkin Spice Parade. A dragon, a unicorn, a large deer, two faeries and an elven knight troop across an autumny stone. The participants are decked with gems - amethyst, peridot, yellow and orange sapphires, tigereye, marcasite and ruby. This piece is framed to an inside edge size of 8x12 inches in a bronze frame.
Bear Arrow
I've only seen a grizzly bear in the wild one time, and luckily there was a river between me and it, and it wasn't all that interested in silly humans. Here is a grizzly bear that is a little more interested in human things. He's got a touch of the mythical about him, and I'm not entirely sure that he doesn't talk. Maybe he'll tell you a parable or fable, or maybe he is part of one.

Bear Arrow is acrylic on a modern hand knapped jasper arrowhead with turquoise and tigereye accents. He's framed in a deep bronzed wooden frame which measures 5x7 inches on the inside edge. If you would like a bit of bear magic to come your way, here is your chance!
Black Stag
Black Stag is inspired by an actual black deer that lived here in Utah. Another black deer was born in the same area in 2020. Framed and accented with a faceted citrine, the inside edge of the frame is 5x7 inches. Acrylic on dendritic jasper.
Cherry Blossom Unicorn
Cherry Blossom Unicorn - This original is very small. It's a portrait of a unicorn painted on fireworks obsidian, a black volcanic glass found in Mexico. To me, the stone looks like its filled with little cherry blossoms, and an alternate name for this stone is flower obsidian. I carried the theme of pink and black through, decking the unicorn with black and a branch of cherry blossoms as well as two faceted pink tourmalines. The third accent stone is a garnet cabochon, which matches the cherrywood colored resin frame. The frame measures 4x6 inches on the inside edge.
Festival Dance

I like poppy jasper a lot. It has lots of little "flowers" that look like poppies in its patterns. Every piece is different, so when I paint on it, I try to paint around the best flowery bits, incorporating them into the piece. Sometimes I highlight the stone poppies to make them look more like real poppies in the painting. But this time, I used the poppies as a flower brocade for a dancer's skirt and pattern on her scarf.

I don't see this dancer as a professional, I think she is just enthusiastic. It's a festival, she's all dressed up and she loves to dance. It might be a festival about flowers, maybe it's for a season, maybe it's time for the rutabaga harvest, I'm really not sure. What I do know is that this dancer is having a good time. Festival Dance measures 8x10 inches on the inside edge of the frame. The dancer has two garnet accents and a small ruby on her tiara. 

Fire Seekers
Fire Seekers is inspired by the stone it's painted on. This very large slab of mahogany obsidian is in a shade sometimes called "pumpkin" obsidian. Since obsidian comes from volcanoes, I thought about the types of heat loving dragons that would inhabit active volcanic fields. These two have glowing gems or embers made of dichroic glass, because even volcano dragons love treasure. They love it so much, they live where stones that become treasure are sometimes born.

Fancy matted and presented in a wooden frame that measures 14x18 inches on the inside edge.
Purple Storm
Purple Storm features a black and purple dragon chasing an amethyst pearl of wisdom, roiling up the clouds to bring some rain. The background stone is a bit of a mystery to me. It's purple like charoite, but is more porous than any charoite I have previously encountered. The pits and pores limited the paintable area, so I had to work around them. A sinuous eastern dragon fit best, and I used the colors in the stone for my inspiration. The top mat and frame both reflect some of the random patterns of the stone. The accent is a genuine amethyst cabochon in a dark vibrant purple.Purple Storm's frame measures 8x10 inches on the inside edge.
Spring Faery
This is a Spring Faery in Renaissance inspired attire, surrounded by a little flock of sparrows. She's painted on stone with a peridot accent. The inside edge of the frame is 9x11 inches, but the Renaissance style frame is substantial, measuring almost 16" x 18" on the outside. She has a little glint in her eyes that suggests that she's more of a troublemaker than you might think, in spite of all the roses and sparrows.
Tapestry Unicorn
Tapestry Unicorn: The piece of poppy jasper it is painted on has natural flower shaped patterns. The patterns and colors reminded me of the backgrounds on some of the medieval unicorn tapestries, especially the set depicting the senses which is found at the Cluny Museum in Paris. I painted a rampant unicorn in my own manner, but with a shield and strap inspired by the unicorns in the tapestries. I have a large replica of one of the tapestries- "A Mon Seul Desir" - hanging in my living room, so the flowered unicorn tapestries are never far from my mind or inspiration. The unicorn tapestries were originally designed for the grand houses of the noble and posh, and so I chose a suitably over the top grand golden frame for this piece. The stone is accented with two garnets. The inside edge of the frame is 5x7 inches.
White Dragon Portrait
White Dragon Portrait might hang on the wall like one of those portraits of a parent, or grandparent, or maybe the bank president! He's small, but mighty, in white shaded in blue with a Moonstone dangling, clutched in his teeth!

Painted in acrylic on agate, triple matted and in a frame with a 5"x7" opening.
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